Type Puppet
Inventor Stephen Beck
Company Hasbro (1986–1993)
Country United States
Availability 1986–1993
Materials Polyester 100%
Slogan The Amazing Monkgomery Monkey Electronic Toy

Yackity Yaks are puppet children's toy in the form of a talking bear wearing a hanker chief and monkey wearing a necktie, released by Hasbro[1] in 1986. The toy's are 17" in height, and sits at approximately 14" tall.

Contents Edit

  • 1 History
  • 2 Mechanics and parts
  • 3 Hasbro Dealer Catalog
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History Edit

Bingo Bear (Hasbro Item: 70501) and Monkgomery Monkey (Hasbro Item: 70502) were part of the Hasbro Softies, the line was called "Yakity Yaks" their debut in 1986 was not highly received as Ruxpin, but toy sellers pointed to them for less expensive alternative products for parents that could not afford Ruxpin. The puppets were also less breakable with no gears and no movable parts. Which in turn made them more cuddly for children. Additional speech modules provided 200 new words (each came with a different outfit). Dr. Bingo and Space Bingo kits for Bingo Bear were supposed to be out for the end of December 1986 and Safari Monkgomery kit for Monkgomery Monkey was supposed to be released a month later in January 1987. The Hasbro dealer catalog also has a Monkgomery Monkey Clown Outfit and Rock Star Bingo Bear Outfit (Unknown if released). The toys sold for about $70 and the extra word module kits for $20. A lot of these toys are still in working order today, if the batteries were not left in to corrode.

Mechanics and parts Edit

The monkey has a hand hole in back to manipulate mouth movements which also contained a pressure sensitive switch on the top of the mouth and a solid mass on the bottom to engage the switch mechanism. The engagement would then trigger the electronic speech integrated circuit TMS5110ANL in action. Voice over done by Bill Cochran that contained 400 words that made up 100 phrases, which were stored in Texas Instrument CM62060N2L, CM62059N2L, E7CL04N2L ICs. The words were then played out on an 8Ω, 0.25 Watt F.S.T F05702 mono speaker. The board also contained an 9 pin edge connector for expansion modules which none have been verified in existence, just a blurb on the back of the box stating what it is for. These parts were built into a brown plastic box with a 4-AA Battery holder (Batteries not included). The brown box was zipped inside the back of the monkey's back with two snaps for fastening inside and a removable 8 pin connector cable for interactions with Mouth switch, "Tickle" sensors, Right ear, Right foot, Others?.

The toy has a removable yellow tie with red polka dots, monogrammed with "Monkgomery".

It was created by Hasbro to compete with Teddy Ruxpin before Hasbro bought Ruxpin, and Monkgomery's packaging draws deliberate comparison, describing him as "a unique and interactive, joke-telling, talking monkey with no on-off switches, no tapes to wear out or break and no solid state cartridges".

Monkgomery's vocabulary included jokes such as "Why did the monkey throw the clock out the window?", questions such as "What's your favorite part of the zoo?" and responses to the user, such as "Tell me more!". The range of phrases could be expanded with expansion modules, sold separately.

The toy has two Velcro strips on his hands allowing him to be hung from objects.

Words / Phrase List Edit

# Phrase Phrase Response Category
1 Do you want a good laugh? Question
2 Why did the monkey throw the banana out the window? Because he wanted to see butter-fly. Joke
3 Why did the monkey throw the clock out the window? He wanted to see time fly. Joke
4 He He He He (Laughing) Answer
5 Could you be in show business like me? Question
6 Tell me more! Question
7 This monkey agrees. Answer
8 Which is bigger, a grape or an ape? Question
10 Who told you that? Question
11 Would you say that, if you were a monkey? Question
12 Wow, you don't say? Question
13 So long, catch you later! Answer
14 You know, I'm a real funny monkey! Answer
15 What's a gorilla's favorite fruit? An apricot, get it? "Ape"-ri-cot! Joke
16 What do you think of that one? Question
17 Oh well maybe you heard that one before? Question
18 Have you ever met a talking monkey before? Question
20 I did it, you got it, good! Answer
21 What would you do if you had a tail? Question
22 That's not what I heard in the circus! Answer
23 I like bananas what's your favorite food? Question
24 Go on, come on, come on! Answer
25 Just between us, do you really like me? Question
28 That's something, that's really something! Answer
29 Are you always this, nice? Question
30 Is that so? Question
31 Hmm, I see! Answer
32 What's your favorite part of the zoo? Question
33 I could have told you that! Answer
34 Now that's the thing I like to hear! Answer
35 Let's play some more later! Answer
36 I'm the most famous monkey in the world, I AM! Answer
37 Did you know, I used to be in a circus? Question
38 Well OK! Answer
39 Answer
40 Hey! How come its never person see, person do? Question
41 That's funny isn't it? Question
42 What can I say, you're right! Answer
43 I knew that! Answer
45 I'm the funniest monkey around! Answer

Hasbro Dealer Catalog Edit

# Item Description Image
70502 Monkgomery Monkey Ages: 4 and up

Lovable Monkgomery always has something funny to say! He's an interactive, talking monkey with a 400 word vocabulary! Monkgomery magically responds to tickles with giggles or a "ticklish" comment! Soft, lightweight Monkgomery is a cuddly friend who enjoys lots of laughter and love!

  • Kids move Monkgomery's mouth to hear over 100 different statements.
  • No on-off switches, no tapes to wear out, no solid state cartridges.
  • Requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included).
70513 Monkgomery Monkey Safari Outfit Ages: 4 and up

"Let's explore the wild jungle!" Monkgomery likes to go on safaris, but only when his friends come along, too! Just insert the expansion module to join adorable Monkgomery on a fun-filled safari!

  • Expansion module has 200 words of "Safari Talk".
  • Module easily inserts into battery compartment.
  • Includes a Safari Outfit for Monkgomery and Safari Guide certificate.
70515 Monkgomery Monkey Clown Outfit Ages: 4 and up

"I love to clown around with you!" Monkgomery keeps kids laughing when he's dressed in his colorful clown hat and big red clown nose! Just insert the expansion module to let kids "clown around" with their pal Monkgomery!

  • Expansion module has 200 words of "Clown Talk".
  • Module easily inserts into battery compartment.
  • Includes a Clown Outfit for Monkgomery and Monkgomery circus ticket.

References Edit

  1. "This Isn't Just Another Talking Dog Story". NYT. 1986-12-24.

External links Edit

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Bingo Bear

Monkgomery Monkey

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