Hello everyone!This is extremely urgent!

I live in a disclosed area which i can tell you if you want me to.Last year were some rummage sales and at one some guy was selling two bump and go buses and a bump and go military jeep!Both were $8.00. 

The buses were this:

and the jeep was this:

So i bought one of the buses and the jeep.The jeep is fine despite i lost one of the stickers and i cracked its outer casing.However the bus is severely damaged and it didn't last anyways!The same day i bought it was when the bump and go wheel wasn't working properly after i let it run on our kitchen floor three times.Now i want a replacement "Deluxe Children's Kid's School Bus Battery Operated Bump & Go Toy Bus w/ Fun Sounds, Flashing Lights, Music" however the amazon listing has feedback which some customers stated that it plays Gangnam Style even though my bus, when i had it, didn't play it.So they might be selling the wrong item.I really want the right item and not some other school bus toy. 


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