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Teletubbies Telly Tummy is a line of plush toys that were released in 2007. It plays the theme while the screens on their tummys scroll and their aerials have flashing lights that blink in sync with the music. It was followed in 2008 by Dance with Me Teletubbies and in 2016 under a new owner by Character Options with a new Jumpin Po toy and the first non-Tomy toy called Lullaby Laa-Laa which is a re-relase of Big Hug Teletubbies

Features Edit

  1. Their aerials light up
  2. Makes fun character sounds
  3. Plays the theme tune
  4. The screen in the tummy will move and it shows their favorite things

Versions Edit

  1. Tinky Winky
  2. Dipsy
  3. Laa Laa
  4. Po

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