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Teletubbies Big Hug is a soft light-up toy that was made in 2007 by Tomy in the United Kingdom. This toy is actually a European version of Playskool's Lullaby Gloworm and Fisher-Price's Soothe and Glow Seahorse/Giraffe but this one has the Teletubbies theme in a lullaby style to help kids go to sleep.The toy has a color changing tummy that lights up after it is squeezed. Like the Gloworm from Playskool this one plays a lullaby but with the Teletubbies theme tune instead of nursery rhymes (while the 2016 version that only comes in Laa-Laa plays Twinkle Twinkle when Character Options re-released this line only with one character under the name Lullaby Laa-Laa). It was followed by Dance with Me Teletubbies in 2008. The predecessor toys were Teletubbies Telly Tummy and Walking Talking Teletubbies in America in 2004. In 2016, a similar toy (without the phrases) came out but under a new company called Character Options and is called Lullaby Laa-Laa that plays Twinkle Twinkle. (The second time a Teletubbies toy played kids songs since the US toy Walking Talking Teletubbies back in 2004). In 2017, Spin Master began making the Lullaby Laa Laa doll.

Features Edit

  1. Color changing tummy that lights up when the music plays.
  2. The face also activates laughing
  3. Plays the lullaby version of the Teletubbies theme song.
  4. Also laughs while the dolls are kissed on the nose.
  5. Also says Aah! when hugged as well

Available characters Edit

  1. Po
  2. Laa-Laa

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