In 2016 Mattel released a series of action figures based on critically acclaimed spin-off series of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dudley & Gloop - fag exterminators, where characters from various franchises fight against the evil Bartek the Oak.

Standard assortmentEdit

  • Dudley Dursley

Accesories: Smelting stick, removable straw hat, Kalashnikov gun.

  • Augustus Gloop

Accesories: Wonka bar, Uzi.

  • Fat Fillyjonk

Accesories: Umbrella gun.

  • Bartek the Oak's soldier

Accesories: SPAS-12 shotgun.

  • Vernon Dursley

Accesories: Spoon, Pizza box.

  • Veruca Salt

Accesories: Barret M-82.

Fetish FightersEdit

  • Fat Admirer Dudley Dursley.

Accesories: Fatteing ray, AA-12 shotgun.

  • Inflationist Augustus Gloop.

Accesories: Air pump.

  • Feedee Fillyjonk.

Accesories: Feeding funnel.

  • Jailbait Bartek the Oak's soldier.

Accesories: Dildogun.

  • Blueberry Violet Beauregard

Accesories: None.

War Crimin' seriesEdit

  • DumDum Dudley.

Accesories: Working parachute, bodybags and flamethrower.

  • Come Get Some Augustus Gloop.

Accesories: Napalm bomb, M60 machinegun.

  • Waterboardin' Fillyjonk.

Accesories: Waterboarding bag.

Mighty VehiclesEdit

  • Tsar Cannon

Tsar Cannon with working wheels and exclusive Stalin figure. The cannon can fire rubber balls.

  • Drunk Tiger

A Tiger tank with bump and go action and exclusive Hitler figure.

Pollitically incorrectin' seriesEdit

  • Howard the Holocaust

Accesories: Zyklon-B bomb.

  • Nazi Experimentin' Augustus Gloop.

Accesories: Mutated fetus.


  • Fat Fillyjonk.
  • Dudley Dursley.

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