Mad Libs is an American series of children's party game books created by veteran television writer-producer-director Leonard Stern and humorist,satirist and television personality Roger Price in which opponents can fill in the missing words in a hilarious or bizarre story. The entire Mad Libs game book range is published by Price/Stern/Sloan (stylized as PSS!), a division of Pearson's Penguin Group (USA).

In 1998, the American half-hour daytime children's game show Mad Lids premiered exclusively on Disney Channel.

Two teams of children, each with two brothers and two sisters, competed in a series of various word games, beginning with the first round in which Disney Channel viewers appearing on-screen identified the wrong words that did not fit in the story sent in by the viewer. Other segments include Mixed Up Mad Libs. The first son-and-daughter team to play

several word games and perform extrreme stunts won the series and competed in the Extreme Mad Libs round for the chance to win several merchandise prizes.

In popular cultureEdit

At the conclusion of the closing credits of several episodes of Mad Libs, the on-screen disclaimer "Mad Libs word games created by Leonard Stern and Roger Price" appeared until the series ended momentarily in 1999.

Host David Sidoni was best known as one of the cast members of the Nickelodeon program Roundhouse.

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