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Toys from 0 months +Edit

Learn and Groove Activity StationEdit

The Learn & Groove Activity Station encourages learning through music and play. With a learning mode and a music mode, the range of activities on the table help teach babies the alphabet, numbers, colours, language development, and cause & effect.

Leapstart Learning TableEdit

Story Block BookEdit

Discovery BallEdit

Hug and Learn Baby TadEdit

Roll and Rhyme Melody BlockEdit

Roll and Rhyme Elephant / LionEdit

Learning DrumEdit

Learning Connections TrainEdit

Baby Counting PalEdit

Hug and Learn Animal GlobeEdit

Learning Town RangeEdit

Toys from 12 months +Edit

My friend Tad / LilyEdit

Alphabet PalEdit

Phonics RadioEdit

Fridge Farm Yard PhonicsEdit

Leap's Phonics Pond/Library

Leap's Phonics Railroad

Toys from 4 years +Edit


Leapster L-MaxEdit

Reading and Writing aidsEdit

Leap PadEdit

A reading aid suited to children aged 4 years plus. The leap pad is an electronic reading book activated with an electronic pen used to read certain words or passages. A range of spare books and cartridges are widely available.

My 1st Leap padEdit

Little Touch padEdit

Leappad plus Writing PadEdit

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