HEXBUG is a group of robotic toys developed and distributed by Innovation First International.

HEXBUGS come in eight varieties: Original, Inchworm, Crab, Ant, Nano, Spider, Larva, and Scarab.


The Original HEXBUG changes direction when hitting an obstacle or hears a sound. It comes in five colors each with a special name. They cost about US $10.00

HexRED950x950 1

Echo Original HEXBUG


The HEXBUG Inchworm features a full range remote control. Two Inchworms can be controlled at the same time without radio interference.

Hexwormcobalt3Q 950x950 1 3

Blue HEXBUG Inchworm


The HEXBUG Crab hides in dark areas until startled by a loud sound.


The HEXBUG Ant races forward then races backwards when it hits an obstacle.


The HEXBUG Nano moves autonomously. If it hits an obstacle, it will change direction. It can get up if it falls on its side or upside down. These HEXBUGS are designed to run on "hexes" and other sets.


The HEXBUG Spider also features a full range control without radio interference as its Inchworm counterpart.


The HEXBUG Larva changes direction when an obstacle is detected.


The HEXBUG Scarab can flip itself over if falls on its side or upside down as the Nano can.

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