Furbies are interactive toys produced by Tiger Electronics, Inc.
0912 furby


In 1998, Tiger Electronics officially launched the Furby line. They came in 2 colors: black with white stomach and brown with tan stomach. Due to low sales, the Furby line was discontinued in 2002.


In 2005, Tiger released a new set of Furbies. They had a major redesign. They also came in different colors. Also, they released the Shelby, an interactive shell-like Furby. The Furby 2005 line was discontinued a few years later, and weeks after came the discontinuation of Shelby.


In 2009, Tiger got sold to Hasbro. Then in 2012, another new set of Furbies were released. They were changed back to the 1998 design, but with LCD eyes and an outline around the eyes. The following year, they introduced Furby Boom and Furblings. Furblings are miniature versions of Furby and are hatched by Furbies.


The 2005 makeover for Furby

Th (24)

A design of Shelby


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