Cases Edit

Note that the cars with bold in their name have made their first 2017 debut in that case.

Singles Case R (Released Dec 2016) Edit

  • 1x WGP Lightning McQueen (WGP)
  • 1x Max Schnell (WGP)
  • 1x Kit Revster (Race Fans)
  • 1x Nigel Gearsley (WGP)
  • 1x Raoul CaRoule (WGP)
  • 1x Brand New Mater (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Brent Mustangburger with Headset (WGP Reporters)
  • 2x Lightning McQueen (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Sheriff (Radiator Springs
  • 2x Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Ghostlight Ramone (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Petro Cartalina (WGP Pit Crew)
  • 1x Alloy Hemberger (WGP Fans)
  • 1x Cartney Carsper (WGP Fans)
  • 1x Ralph Carlow (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Brush Curber (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Matti (Piston Cup Reporters)
  • 1x Wilmar Flattz (Race Fans)
  • 1x Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray (London Chase)
  • 1x Race Team Sarge (London Chase)
  • 1x P.T. Flea (Drive-In)
  • Singles Case S (Released Jan 2017)
    • 1x WGP Lightning McQueen (WGP)
    • 1x Kit Revster (Race Fans)
    • 1x Nigel Gearsley (WGP)
    • 1x Raoul CaRoule (WGP)
    • 2x Brand New Mater (Radiator Springs)
    • 1x Cruz Besouro (WGP Pit Crew)
    • 1x Austin Littleton (2016 re-release)
    • 2x Lightning McQueen (Piston Cup)
    • 1x Claude Scruggs (2016 re-release)
    • 1x Haul Inngas (2016 re-release)
    • 1x Sheriff (Radiator Springs)
    • 2x Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs)
    • 1x Ghostlight Ramone (Radiator Springs)
    • 1x Petro Cartalina (WGP Pit Crew)
    • 1x Brush Curber (Piston Cup)
    • 1x Wilmar Flattz (Race Fans)
    • 1x Alex Carvill (WGP)
    • 2x Lightning McQueen with Shovel (Radiator Springs)
    • 1x Johnny Blamer (Piston Cup)
    • 1x Murray Clutchburn (Piston Cup)

Singles Case A (Released Feb 2017) Edit

  • 1x Luigi and Guido (Radiator Springs)
  • 2x Brand New Mater (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Doc Hudson (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Road Repair Lightning McQueen (2016 replacement for Mater with Cone Teeth)
  • 1x Cruz Besouro (WGP Pit Crew)
  • 1x Fillmore (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Sally (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Matthew McCrew (Race Fans)
  • 1x Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Alex Carvill (WGP)
  • 1x Erik Laneley (WGP)
  • 2x Lightning McQueen (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Brad Winmiler (Race Fans)
  • 1x Lightning McQueen with Shovel (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Darrell Cartrip with Headset (WGP Reporters)
  • 1x Johnny Blamer (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Tim Rimmer (Piston Cup Reporters)
  • 1x Tolga Trunkov (London Chase)
  • 1x Flik (Drive-In)
  • 1x Murray Clutchburn (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Kevin Shiftright (Piston Cup)

​Singles Case B (Released Mar 2017) Edit

  • 1x Nigel Gearsley (WGP)
  • 1x Brand New Mater (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Cruisin' Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Sarge (Sarge's Boot Camp)
  • 1x Lizzie (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Darla Vanderson (Race Fans)
  • 1x Victor Hugo (London Chase)
  • 1x Don Crumlin (London Chase)
  • 1x Vladimir Trunkov with Car Boot (London Chase)
  • 1x Clutch Foster (WGP Fans)
  • 1x Fighting Face Mater (London Chase)
  • 1x Francesco Bernoulli (WGP)
  • 1x Lightning McQueen (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Strip Weathers AKA "The King" (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Sheriff (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Mike (Drive-In)
  • 1x Artie (Piston Cup Reporters)
  • 1x Timothy Twostroke (Race Fans)
  • 2x Lightning McQueen with Shovel (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Misti Motorkrass (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Crusty Rotor (Piston Cup)
  • 1x Body Shop Union Jack Ramone (London Chase)

Deluxe Case K (Released Feb 2017) Edit

  • 2x Transberry Juice Semi (Piston Cup Pit Crew)
  • 1x Vinyl Toupee Semi (Piston Cup Pit Crew)
  • 1x Charlie Cargo (Sarge's Boot Camp)
  • 1x Brian Fee Clamp (Piston Cup Reporters)
  • 1x Craig Faster (2016 re-release)

Movie Moments Case T (Released Mar 2017) Edit

  • 2x Lewis Hamilton and Rip Clutchgoneski (WGP)
  • 2x Jeff Gorvette and Carla Veloso (WGP)
  • 2x Sally with Cone and Lightning McQueen (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Marilyn and Nick Stickers (Radiator Springs)
  • 1x Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip with Microphones (Piston Cup Reporters)
  • 1x Sulley and Yeti the Abominable Snowplow (Drive-In)
  • 1x Christina Wheeland and Jay W. (Race Fans)
  • 2x Superfan Mia and Tia (Race Fans)

Table of Releases Edit

Name Single Movie Moments Deluxe Radiator Springs Classics Cars 3
Alex Carvill Yes
Alloy Hemberger Yes
Ambulance Yes
Andrea Yes
Artie Yes
Arvy Motorhome Yes
Autobahn Society #1 Possibly Possibly Possibly
Autobahn Society #2 Possibly Possibly Possibly
Bling Bling Lightning McQueen Yes
Blue Racer with White Stars Yes
Bob Cutlass with Microphone Yes
Bobby Swift Yes
Bobby Swift Cab Yes
Brad Winmiler Yes
Brand New Mater Yes Yes
Brent Mustangburger (Cars 3) Yes
Brent Mustangburger with Headset Yes
Brian Fee Clamp Yes
Brian Gearlooski Yes
Brick Yardley Yes
Brick Yardley's Sponsor Yes
Brick Yardley Cab Yes
Broadside Yes
Bronze Peugeot with Microphone Yes
Brush Curber Yes
Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen Yes
Bumper Save Yes
Burnout Yes
Cactus Lightning McQueen Yes
Carla Veloso Yes
Cartney Carsper Yes
Charlie Cargo Yes
Chet Boxkaar Yes
Chick Hicks Yes
Christina Wheeland Yes
Cig Alert Yes
Citroen 2CV Yes
Clutch Foster Yes
Combustr #11 Yes
Coriander Widetrack Yes
Costanzo Della Corsa Yes
Crabby Yes
Cruisin' Lightning McQueen Yes
Crusty Rotor Yes
Cruz Besouro Yes
Cruz Ramirez Yes
Cruz Ramirez with Mud Yes
Cruz Ramirez with Mud and Trophy
Darla Vanderson Yes
Darrell Cartrip with Headset Yes
Darrell Cartrip with Microphone Yes
Denise Beam Yes
Dinoco Cruz Ramirez Yes
Dinoco Lightning McQueen Yes
Dirt Track Fabulous Doc Hudson Yes
Dirt Track Lightning McQueen Yes
Doc Hudson Yes
Don Crumlin Yes
Double Ransburg Cruz Ramirez Yes
Dr. Damage Yes
Dusty Rust-Eze Yes
Edwin Kranks Yes
Epilogue Cruz Ramirez Yes
Epilogue Lightning McQueen Yes
Erik Laneley Yes
Faux Wheel Drive Yes
Fighting Face Mater Yes
Fillmore Yes Yes Yes
Flik Yes
Francesco Bernoulli Yes Yes
Funny Face Mater Yes
Ghostlight Ramone Yes Yes
Gil Yes
Greta Yes
Guido Yes
Guido with Paint Supplies Yes
Jay W. Yes
Jeff Gorvette Yes
Jerry Recycled Batteries Yes
Johnny Blamer Yes
Jonas Revera Yes
Ka-Ciao Lightning McQueen Yes
Kevin Shiftright Yes
Kit Revster Yes
Kori Turbowitz Yes
Lewis Hamilton Yes
Lightning McQueen Yes Yes
Lightning McQueen with Shovel Yes Yes
Luigi Yes Yes
M.A. Brake Drumm Yes
Manny Flywheel Yes
Marilyn Yes
Marty Brakeburst Yes
Matthew "True Blue" McCrew Yes
Matti Yes
Max Schnell Yes
Mike Yes
Misti Motorkrass Yes
Murray Clutchburn Yes
Nick Stickers Yes
Nigel Gearsley Yes
Old School Ramone Yes
One Eye Mater Yes
P.T. Flea Yes
Paint Job Ramone Yes
Paul Valdez Yes
Percy Handbrakes Yes
Petro Cartalina Yes
Race Team Sarge Yes
Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen Yes Yes
Ralph Carlow Yes
Raoul CaRoule Yes
Rip Clutchgoneski Yes
Road Repair Lightning McQueen Yes
Sally Yes Yes
Sally with Cone Yes
Sarge Yes Yes
Sheriff Yes Yes
Shu Todoroki with Flames Yes
Strip Weathers AKA "The King" Yes
Sulley Yes
Tar Lightning McQueen Yes
Tim Rimmer Yes
Todd Marcus Yes
Tolga Trunkov Yes
Transberry Juice Cab Yes
Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray Yes
Union Jack Ramone With Paint Gun Yes
Victor Hugo Yes
Vinyl Toupee Cab Yes
Vladimir Trunkov with Wheel Lock Yes
WGP Lightning McQueen Yes
White Mini Cooper with Camera Yes
Wilmar Flattz Yes
Yeti the Abominable Snowplow Yes

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