Diecasts Edit

  1. Race Team Mater
  2. Finn McMissile
  3. Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
  4. Francesco Bernoulli
  5. Holley Shiftwell
  6. Professor Z
  7. Jeff Gorvette
  8. Carla Veloso
  9. Raoul CaRoule
  10. Race Team Luigi
  11. Race Team Guido
  12. Acer
  13. Grem
  14. Race Team Fillmore
  15. Race Team Sarge
  16. Rod Torque Redline
  17. Miles Axlerod
  18. Petrov Trunkov
  19. Hydraulic Ramone
  20. Nigel Gearsley
  21. Max Schnell
  22. Shu Todoroki
  23. Miguel Camino
  24. Lewis Hamilton
  25. Carlo Maserati

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