Dance with Me Teletubbies was a British line of animatronic dolls manufactured by Tomy in the United Kingdom. This toy has been made since it first came out in 2004. It is also the predecessor to the Walking Talking Teletubbies toy line from the same year

Press the button and they will sway their arms and blink their eyes to the music. It also can make plop noises when they fall.

Features Edit

  1. The characters all dance,move their arms and blink their eyes.
  2. Plays the theme song when they dance.
  3. They laugh when they fall over and makes the plop noises like the one used on the show.

Differences Between Magic Dancing Teletubbies and Dance with Me Teletubbies Edit

  • Unlike the US toys, the side step movements are changed to a swaying motion and a blinking mechanism for the eyes were added.
  • The songs are changed to just a different variation of the theme tune
  • There is also a similar noise to the TV show.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final toy of the original Teletubbies released by Tomy
  • This is the first dancing toy that was not released in the US unlike Magic Dancing Teletubbies from 2004.

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