Baby Talking Tattletail is an electronic toy made by Waygetter Electronics. The toy is very similar to the popular Furby, due to being a electronic pet. It is the second toy in the Tattletail line.

History Edit


Baby Talking Tattletail was created by Waygetter Electronics in 1998. It was made to be a replacement toy to the banned first toy in the toy line, Mama Tattletail. After Mama Tattletail was recalled and banned, Waygetter Electronics starting coming up with ideas for an alternative immediately. The creator of Mama Tattletail, Thomas Waygetter, noticed that virtual pet toys were getting more popular than read along toys like Teddy Ruxpin. He decided that the next toy in the Tattletail line should be a Furby-like toy called Baby Talking Tattletail. The toy was known under this name until 2004 when it was renamed Educational Baby Talking Tattletail, and was given an extra feature. The toy originally came in Purple, Blue, and Yellow, but they released in Black, White, Green, Red, and Orange later. Baby Talking Tattletail was being made and sold until 2009, when they lost popularity.

Video Games Edit

Baby Talking Tattletail has had 2 games under the Waygetter Electronics name. In 2010, they released Baby Tattletail for the Wii and in 2016, they released, Tattletail: Mama's Coming! on Steam. It has been announced that a 3rd game will be released to coincide with My Tattletail Friend's release. This game will be called My Tattletail Friend: A Grand Adventure and will be released on IOS and Android devices on November 19th, 2018.

Revival Edit

In 2017, leaks revealed emails between Thomas Waygetter and Thinkway Toys discussing bringing back Tattletail with the name Tattletail Encore. They included early sketches and basic function concepts. After these emails were leaked Hasbro sued Thinkway Toys because of the Tattletail Encore's distinct similarities to their toy Furby Connect. Hasbro lost the lawsuit, but Thinkway Toys and Waygetter still decided to change the toy to make it less similar to Furby Connect. The name was changed to My Friend Tattletail, and the toy has changed to a toy more similar to a Talking Bubba toy.